500ml Stainless Steel Tumbler with designs adapted from paintings done by our very talented artists from MINDS Craft. Interested to customise the design? Write us an enquiry now!

We currently have 3 ready designs:

"Splatter" by Khamisan - a proud artist of MINDS who specialises in abstract painting.

"Urbano" by Chew Ah Chuan - a brillant artist of MINDS with a natural talent for line art.

“Painter” by Loy Ying Qian & Jenny Lim. Ying Ian is an exuberant artist who likes to create with colours, while Jenny enjoys the art of hand lettering.

500ml Tumbler

  • If you wish to customise the tumbler design, please drop us a separate enquiry. 

  • 1) All items are subject to availability.

    2) Images of products may not be identical to actual product as all products are hand-made by multiple persons. Each piece of craft item is unique, and it's impossible to have identical items. 

    3) Designs are updated frequently though style of art may be the same. Please drop us an enquiry if you wish to check what are the designs currently available.